Dry construction has revolutionised interior finishing. Modern, high-performance systems offer almost unlimited possibilities for the creative design of interiors with variable floor plans. Dry construction walls can be placed anywhere in the room and easily moved as required. Due to the relatively low weight of drywall constructions, no major structural measures need to be taken to improve static strength.
fermacell® gypsum fibre boards offer a wealth of advantages compared to conventional dry construction systems. They facilitate the work on the construction site and ensure significant time and cost savings without having to make concessions in terms of quality or load-bearing capacity.

Universal applications
While conventional gypsum boards require different product variants for different applications, fermacell® gypsum fibre boards are equally suitable for wall and ceiling constructions and can be used universally as construction, fire protection, sound insulation and moisture-proof boards.
High stability
The homogeneous gypsum fiber structure of fermacell® gypsum fiber boards ensures particularly high stability and resistance to mechanical loads. fermacell® gypsum fiber boards can therefore be used both load-bearing and stiffening and can be used for planking and cladding components (service classes 1 and 2 according to DIN EN 1995-1) and are thus a good substitute for wood-based panels. They also have a high load-bearing capacity (up to 50 kg).


Economical processing
In contrast to conventional gypsum boards, fermacell® gypsum fibre boards already meet most requirements in the areas of sound insulation, fire resistance and statics in single-layer planking. This means lower costs due to lower material requirements and shorter processing times.
High level of execution safety
The high stability and load-bearing capacity of fermacell® gypsum fibre boards makes it possible to clamp them quickly and easily to the substructure. The universal application possibilities of fermacell® gypsum fibre boards ensure a high level of execution safety in all areas of application and guarantee reliable and consistently good quality.
Simplified logistics

The lower material requirement as well as the universal application possibilities of fermacell® gypsum fibre boards require significantly less truck transport capacity than the use of conventional gypsum boards. This simplifies logistics as well as on-site planning and reduces environmental pollution.



Environmentally friendly
fermacell® gypsum fibre boards are an important component for environmentally conscious and healthy construction. Production is carried out in an environmentally friendly process exclusively on the basis of natural materials (recycled paper, gypsum and water) and without additional glues. They are proven to be practically emission-free and do not contain any hazardous substances such as formaldehyde. The positive building biology properties of fermacell® gypsum fibre boards have been confirmed by the Institute for Building Biology in Rosenheim with the IBR seal of approval and by the renowned Cologne eco Institute with the "Low Emission Product" certificate.

Healthy living
Like clay, fermacell® gypsum fibre boards are very well able to regulate humidity (water vapour adsorption class WS II) by absorbing excess moisture in the room and releasing it again with a time delay in dry room air. These moisture-regulating properties are supplemented by a balanced ratio of thermal insulation and heat storage. The house and apartment thus have a constantly balanced room climate that conveys a feeling of comfort and the security of healthy living.


Your advantages with fermacell® at a glance:

  • Simple installation
  • Stable and resilient
  • Safe fire protection
  • Best room climate