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Whether exterior wall panels for wall finishing, products for curtain-type, rear-ventilated facades, suspended suspended ceilings or durable, easy-care facade claddings of lasting beauty. James Hardie offers the optimum solution for every application. Discover the complete product range of the James Hardie Group and find the perfect solution for your project.

fermacell® Powerpanel HD - The solution for exterior walls

Outer wall panels for the outer wall finish in timber frame construction. They fulfil load-bearing and bracing functions and can be used directly as plaster base boards. Due to their good fire protection properties, they can also be used for border constructions.

The use of expanded clay or recycled glass foam granulate as an additive results in a low weight that is easy to process. Nevertheless, fermacell® Powerpanel HD sheets are characterised by high compressive and flexural strength. This is ensured by reinforcement made of alkali-resistant glass fibres approved by the building authorities.

To prevent capillary moisture absorption and at the same time maintain water vapour permeability, fermacell® Powerpanel HD panels are provided with a top layer volume hydrophobic coating during production.

fermacell® Powerpanel H2O - For further facade solutions

fermacell® Powerpanel H2O is a cement-bonded lightweight concrete construction panel with sandwich structure and double-sided top layer reinforcement made of alkali-resistant glass mesh fabric. It offers many advantages for wall and ceiling constructions exposed to high levels of moisture.

The Powerpanel H2O is also particularly suitable for use in curtain-type, rear-ventilated facades and suspended suspended ceilings.

When cutting and breaking fermacell® Powerpanel products, no harmful dust is released. Special safety measures are not required.

The visible surface of the panel consists of a formwork-smooth exposed concrete surface with stamping, the reverse side is slightly undulated or sanded for calibration and the colour is cement grey.


In addition to fermacell® products for exterior walls and ventilated facades, James Hardie also offers solutions for permanently beautiful façade cladding made of fibre cement.

In addition to their durable, never fading appearance, James Hardie's facade products also score with their low weight, easy installation, easy maintenance and environmental friendliness.

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Your advantages with fermacell® at a glance:

  • Simple installation
  • Stable and resilient
  • Safe fire protection
  • Best room climate